Breast Cancer Symptoms: Typical Warning Signs


The most common breast cancer symptoms at a glance

If you think of breast cancer symptoms, the first thing you will probably have is a palpable lump in your head. But there are significantly more signs of breast cancer that women should know.

You should know these symptoms of breast cancer

Pay particular attention to a possible discovery of breast cancer following symptoms:

  • New lumps or hardening of the chest or armpit
  • Change in breast size or shape
  • Secretions of the nipple (clear, cloudy or bloody)
  • Changes in the skin (e.g. inflammation, dents, redness or scaling)
  • Retracting the breast skin or nipple
  • Enlarged lymph nodes in the armpit (usually recognizable as swelling)
  • Different chest movements when you raise your arms

In the early stages of breast cancer, pain tends not to occur. If the cancer has spread, so there are metastases in the body, pain can occur.

Do you have breast cancer symptoms? Please keep calm!

Anyone who experiences one or more of these symptoms should have them checked by a doctor immediately. However, it is unwise to immediately assume that you have breast cancer and to panic – there are also various rather harmless causes for abnormalities, for example cysts, a benign tumor or densified connective tissue. Swollen lymph nodes often also indicate an infection. Only the doctor can determine whether it is breast cancer – and decide on the appropriate therapy.

Early detection can save lives in breast cancer

Early diagnosis of breast cancer can dramatically increase the chances of recovery. In addition to breast examinations at the gynecologist – which is paid for by the health insurance fund to all women over 30 once a year – each woman should have her breast examined monthly. Women before the menopause do it best one week after the onset of the rule: During this period, the breast tissue is particularly soft and changes can be felt more easily.

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