Breastfeeding ritual: How does your baby fall asleep without mom's breast?


Your baby will sleep particularly well with a softly stuffed milk tummy. And then snuggled up to mom's chest – all warm, familiar and safe, because the last drop of milk often gets stuck in the corner of the mouth and the limbs hang limp over mom's lap. Now lay the baby down quietly and sneak out quietly. Breastfeeding works as if by itself and is the first choice for many mothers to get their child to sleep. But how do you get out of there?

It is practical as long as mommy feels like being responsible for bedtime alone. But what if you just don't feel like breastfeeding anymore? Only a few children voluntarily give up mom's breast and take dad's arms for it. And you have to be sure of your case if the evening is going to be different:

Your baby is not a guinea pig. If you want to change something basic, like putting it to bed, think about it for a few days if you're really serious about it. If so, think of a strategy for how you want to replace the previous process. The suggestions in our picture gallery will help you. Give your baby some time to switch. Of course, the change will not be enthusiastic on the first evening, but after a week the protests have definitely stopped. Can you endure your baby's dissatisfaction for a few days? Just because your baby cries without a breast on the first evening, you mustn't cancel the project right away. But of course your baby doesn't have to go through this alone. Find an ally (partner or grandma) to support you. You decided not to be the sand man for your baby alone anymore? We'll show you how to get out of there.

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