“breastfeeding with one breast does not attract me”

After going through the ordeal of breast cancer, Alice Detollenaere and her companion Camille Lacourt are expecting their first child together. In love and grateful, they confided in Magic Maman about this pregnancy.

It is a pregnancy placed under the sign of hope. While the year 2020 will have been difficult for Alice Detollenaere, former Miss Bourgogne and model, to whom a mastectomy was performed due to breast cancer in January, the wheel finally seems to have turned. Indeed, in a relationship with Camille Lacourt, five-time world swimming champion, who was a great support for her, the young woman is pregnant with a little boy. In an interview granted to the magazine Magic Maman, the two lovebirds confided at length about this first pregnancy together. “We had planned to start the baby trials around the time my cancer was detected, it was super sad. After my operation, I preferred to take my time, explains Alice. At first, the fact of falling back into the medical system and making echoes weighed me down a bit. I didn’t realize yet. ”

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Camille, for her part, is already the happy dad of a little Jazz, eight years old, from her previous union with the former Miss France Valérie Buègue. He also explains that his daughter received the news of the pregnancy with great joy and enthusiasm. “She wanted a little brother! Echo week, Jazz was at his mother’s house, explains the sportsman. We decided to go there to drink together. When we told her that Alice was expecting a boy, she was crazy happy, and I was very moved. ”

Come out stronger

Alice Detollenaere’s breast cancer was a particularly trying experience, which nevertheless brought the couple closer together. At the question “How did you experience the announcement of the disease?”, The young woman answers: “I imagined myself going through the worst, wasting away, and I didn’t want Camille to be confronted with that because he was my energy, my light.” Camille admits that after taking stock with himself, he accepted the situation, out of love. “She knows today that I am strong and by her side, that I can be an adult despite my childish side. This ordeal brought a lot of serenity between us. ”

Camille Lacourt: operated for breast cancer, her sweetheart parades in lingerie

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As for the baby boy to come, and after having undergone a total removal of a breast, then a breast reconstruction, Alice Detollenaere admits to having already made a decision concerning him. “Ideally, I would have liked to try breastfeeding. But doing it with one breast doesn’t appeal to me. I already have a good asymmetry and psychologically, I don’t want that. We must also stop putting pressure on ourselves. I will be really happy to see Camille give our little boy the first bottle. ” A great image and great projects to come, including the publication of an autobiographical book for Alice and a wedding! We wish the whole family a lot of happiness.

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