Brendan Fraser: The “Mummy” star plays villain in “Batgirl”

Brendan Fraser
The “Mummy” star plays villain in “Batgirl”

Brendan Fraser 2018.

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After he had disappeared for a long time, Brendan Fraser is now returning to the bigger stage with “Batgirl”.

What does Brendan Fraser (52) actually do? Things had recently become noticeably quiet around the actor, who became one of the greatest film stars around the turn of the millennium with “Die Mumie” (1999) at the latest. Now the Canadian has caught a prestigious part in a large-scale production again. He plays in the upcoming “Batgirl” movie according to “Deadline” a villain.

In 2022, the first solo film about Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl will come exclusively to HBO Max. Leslie Grace (26) plays the title heroine, JK Simmons (66), like in “Justice League”, plays her father, Commissioner James Gordon, known from the Batman films. The directors are “Bad Boys for Life” makers Adil El Arbi (33) and Bilall Fallah (35).

Next DC role for Brendan Fraser

The role Brandan Fraser will play on “Batgirl” has not yet been officially confirmed. Rumor has it that it is Firefly, a pyromaniac who appears in various comics and who is disfigured by a chemical accident.

Fraser has been part of the DC Universe since 2019. In the series “Doom Patrol” he lends his voice to the cyborg Cliff Steele alias Robotman and plays his human self in flashbacks.

Comeback of the MeToo victim?

Fraser stepped down in the movie business in the mid-00s. According to his own statements, because he was groped by a producer, and because his body was broken after many self-performed stunts.

Will the role in “Batgirl” be part of a larger Fraser renaissance? In “The Whale”, the new film by “Black Swan” director Darren Aronofsky (52), he plays the leading role as an overweight teacher. In “Killers of the Flower Moon” by Martin Scorsese (78) he plays alongside Leonardo DiCaprio (46) and Robert De Niro (78).


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