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Finding your child’s first name can quickly turn out to be a real headache. If you are still hesitating between several first names, do not hesitate to each draw up a list and share it with your partner. And if you still disagree, you can open your search to Breton first names. Some, more rare, inspired by Celtic legends, could attract your attention. Discover without delay our 50 most beautiful first names for boys and girls.

What are the most common male and female Breton first names?

When we talk about Brittany, we think of images of beaches, lighthouses perched on top of a cliff, or an enchanted forest, according to Celtic legends. So many reasons that could lead you to choose a first name from this beautiful region for your unborn child.

In addition, Armorican first names are popular for little boys, as evidenced by the presence of the first name Maël, which means “prince” or “chief”, in the top 10 of the most given first names in 2021 according to the National Institute of statistics and economic studies (INSEE). Among the girls, we can note the presence of the first name Léna, derived from the first name Hélène which means “sunshine”. It ranks 15ᵉ position of the most given names in 2021.

Celtic first names: what are the rarest Breton names?

Some Celtic first names are better known than others. For example, among the pretty Breton first names, we can mention Soizig for girls (which can also be written Soazig), or Armel, whose meaning is “big” and “strong”. But others are less known: this is particularly the case of Katell, which refers to the first name Catherine in French. We can also mention the female name Aziliz, whose meaning refers to “noble” and which is the Breton form of Cécile.

Pierre, Marie, Françoise, Jean: how do you say these male and female first names in Breton?

There are also Breton forms for many French first names. For example, the Breton form of Mathieu is Mahé. In the regional first names, we can also note the first name Yann, which is the Breton form of Jean. For its part, the first name Soizig is the Breton form of Françoise, and Pierig, the Breton form of Pierre. As for the first name Marie, its Breton form is Mari.

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