Brian May: The Queen guitarist mourns the death of his driver Phil

Brian May
The Queen guitarist mourns the loss of his driver Phil

Brian May has to say goodbye to a close friend.

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Sir Brian May mourns the loss of his long-time driver Phil Webb. The Queen guitarist shared emotional words on Instagram.

He was one of his longest and most trusted companions. Now Sir Brian May (76) has to cope with a serious loss. His driver for many years, Phil Webb, died on Wednesday (October 11th) as a result of a heart attack.

Phil Webb was his driver, friend and protector for 30 years

For the lead guitarist of the British rock band Queen it was “one of the saddest days of my life”, as he writes on Instagram. Phil was his “dedicated driver”, “the dearest friend” and “protector of my family” for over 30 years. He was the “nicest and most decent man” he had ever met. He and his family are devastated and “grieving alongside Phil’s wife and son.”

Finally, the Queen guitarist wrote to his late friend: “God bless you, dear Phil – we all love you. We are proud of the life you led and forever grateful for everything you gave us – more than words could ever describe.”

Brian May was knighted

Brian May shared a series of photos in which he can be seen with his driver. Among other things, he posted a shared snapshot of the moment May was knighted by the British royals in March of this year.


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