Brian, the singer of the boys’ band Alliage, was almost amputated following an accident

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Samuel Torres, better known by the stage name Brian at the time of the boy band Alliage, told G-Faustine Bollaert in “It starts today”, the serious accident he had and which almost cost him his leg.

This Monday, January 30, in the show It starts today presented by Faustine Bollaert, Samuel Torres recounted his serious road accident. The ex-member of boy band Alliage nearly lost his leg about fifteen years ago now. Indeed, on March 23, 2008, the life of Samuel Torres changed.

I’m on a scooter, a big scooter, I’m going home, I lived in the 8th, and 50 meters from arriving, I get hit by a car which had priority on the right and which arrived very very quickly “, begins told Samuel Torres. The program of the day being devoted to the miraculous who avoided death narrowly. My leg crashed against the door. I went up in the air, my head burst the windshield, I had the integral helmet fortunately. And we don’t realize. There is no pain, we are on the ground, I am conscious. And at some point, I see like a tree trunk sticking out of my leg and that was my shin. From there, I realize that it will be complicated” says the former member of the cult band Alliage.

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An unexpected ending!

Faced with the extent of the injury, the doctors announce to Samuel Torres that he will unfortunately have to amputate. “They operate on me right away, they put on me what is called an external fixator which goes through the tibia, the heel, all that. And there things get complicated. They talk to me about amputation” remembers the singer.
I do not know if you imagine the thing, you have already been close to death, the car had hit me head on, and there I risked losing a limb. I had this fear every morning. At that time, we prefer to die, it was inconceivable”, he continues.

Finally, Samuel Torres learns with relief that his leg could be saved. “Then we go to the second step where we tell you, the leg is there but you may not walk anymore. It takes a huge mind, there are plenty of times when we can let go but if we let go we will fall very very low“.

After four years of extensive rehabilitation, Samuel Torres can finally walk again!

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