Bridgerton on Netflix: a major scene missing from the series? The creator explains

Season 2 of “The Bridgerton Chronicle” follows the romance between one of the family’s sons, Viscount Anthony, and Kate Sharma. Nevertheless, an important sequence between the two characters does not appear on the screen. Creator’s explanations.

For its second season, The Bridgerton Chronicle follows the story of Anthony (Jonathan Bailey), viscount and eldest of the family, and his meeting with Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley). Through the eight episodes, the screenwriters tell the romance of these two characters who turn around without ever taking the plunge.

At the end of the season, a major sequence – present in the original novel by Julia Quinn – is missing: the wedding ceremony. And for good reason, the series finds the couple six months after their union and their honeymoon. This absence has caused many fans to react on social networks who are even hoping for a flashback in season 3.

Questioned by the media TVLine, the creator Chris Van Dusen justifies his choice and explains that the scene would have created a repetition with the marriage between Anthony and Edwina (Charithra Chandran). In episode 6, the viscount is about to marry the youngest Sharma and imagines his sister Kate in her place. The bride realizes this and leaves.

For a matter of tone, we wondered how Kate and Anthony’s wedding was going to comparehe justifies. The Queen funded Edwina and Anthony’s wedding, she wasn’t going to do it a second time. And then there’s the bond between Kate and Edwina. Their relationship is as important as the love story between Anthony and Kate.”

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It is still too early to know if Edwina will return in season 3 – the future presence of Anthony and Kate has been confirmed. Nevertheless, the creator says he is proud to have made the character more complex than in the books.

In the last episodes, Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvel) even offers Edwina to introduce her nephew. To be continued. The filming of season 3 is already announced for the summer of 2022.

The Bridgerton Chronicle is available on Netflix.

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