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BRIGITTE Diet 2021
BRIGITTE Balance Concept 2021

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So that we can really feel good in our body and stay healthy, relaxation and exercise play a role in addition to our diet. The new BRIGITTE Balance Concept 2021 is therefore based on these three pillars.

Hardly any other area of ​​nutritional research is currently being examined as intensively as the intestine. It might sound a bit yuck, but what's behind it is mega-exciting: Because what the bacteria that colonize our intestines do is impressive. Not only do they influence our mood, they also keep us slim, strengthen the immune system and protect against disease. And best of all: it is up to us whether they are okay. That is why we have developed balance recipes this year that contain proven intestinal boosters.

In the BRIGITTE Balance Concept 2021 you will also find meditations that help to make life healthier and to calm down – stress also messes up the intestinal flora – as well as supportive yoga exercises. As always, you choose according to the modular principle what you find good for you, what suits your preferences and your everyday life, without strict plans and prohibitions.

This is how the balance concept works

Our holistic health concept, with which you can also lose weight, is based on three pillars. And because you know each other best, you choose what you need and want: meals, meditations or sports sessions – or a bit of everything.

Pillar 1: nutrition

The basis is our 30 new balance recipes, which you can easily cook at home. The dishes are balanced, designed according to current nutritional knowledge and keep you full for a long time. New this year: We have used particularly gut-friendly ingredients with which you can strengthen your immune system and keep your weight easier.

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Pillar 2: meditation

Meditation is a wonderful way to feel yourself better and to find out your needs. And: It relaxes. Because stress increases the blood sugar level and blood pressure, and this leads, among other things, to the storage of unhealthy belly fat.

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Pillar 3: movement

Exercise is a real all-rounder: Sport not only keeps your joints and heart fit, it also boosts your metabolism, consumes energy and helps you maintain your weight. Here we reveal which gentle exercises support digestion.

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