Brigitte Bardot confides in her rejection of the vaccine: “I am allergic to all chemicals”

Brigitte Bardot is formally opposed to vaccination against Covid-19. The star of the 1960s explains in the columns of the magazine Gala that she always made sure to escape the injections. Even if it means breaking the law …

A long time ago Brigitte Bardot no longer in the consensual. The immense star of the 1960s, actress, model and great defender of the animal cause, has often hit the headlines for his very strong positions. Sometimes left to attract legal troubles, as on November 4, date on which she was sentenced by the court of Saint-Denis to a fine of 20,000 euros for “racial insult”, after having treated the Reunionese of “degenerate population”. The octogenarian is also seen as a staunch opponent of the government. She did not hesitate to criticize the skills and attitude of the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, right after meeting him. And she is not the last to attack the strategies exercised in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic.

Brigitte Bardot “allergic” to vaccines

In the columns of Gala, the actress indicates that she has not yet wanted to be vaccinated. And when we ask him the reasons for this choice, strongly criticized by the executive in recent days, Alain Delon’s friend is cash: “Ah No! I am allergic to all chemicals. Even when I traveled to Africa, I refused to do it against yellow fever”. Brigitte Bardot goes so far as to explain having resorted to serious procedures, condemned by law. “My doctor at the time wrote me a false certificate. I left and came back in great shape”, she assures.

“Death will have to be spent there one day”

In the rest of her interview, Brigitte Bardot, however, evokes her little health concerns. because at 87, the star can no longer afford the same lifestyle as in his glorious youth. It explains in particular: “I have double hip osteoarthritis, I walk on crutches”. Before qualifying, however: “But if I get a rumba, a cha-cha-cha, a Gipsy Kings tune, or something flamenco, I swear I have one of those urges to move …”. And to conclude, rather serene and resolute about its future: “Death will have to be spent there one day. It’s like old age, you can’t escape it”.

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