Brigitte Fossey: “It’s not you we’re applauding…”, these words from her mother that left an impression on her

In the eleventh season of the series, broadcast by TF1 on Thursday February 15 at 9:10 p.m., the actress plays Clo, the mother of the hero played by Jean-Luc Reichmann, who reappears in his life after having abandoned him at birth .

What was your first impression of your character Clo when you read the script for Léo Mattéï?

BRIGITTE FOSSEY: What I appreciated was its fantasy, the fact that it was in perpetual reinvention. She moves forward in life with freedom and independence, without ever worrying about how others see her.

She does not cultivate regret. Like him, are you the type to systematically move forward?

She is well aware that there were problems related to her absence, but she knows that she acted like this for Leo’s sake. There is a wound in her that is buried, erased by the tendency she has to want to enjoy the moment. Like her, I have pleasant and less pleasant memories, but I am intensely in the present and in the future.

Do you find it fulfilling to work on TV, theater and cinema at the same time?

Yes, because each universe has its interest. I appreciate the intimate side of the theater where I am at the moment with The fables of the fountain*.But I flourish just as much when I go to Marseille to participate in Léo Mattéï. It’s comedy that addresses important topics. I love this job which has many extensions, possibilities and journeys, literally and figuratively.

Would you like to create a fictional character for yourself or are you satisfied by those imagined for you?

No, I trust in providence. When luck passes, you have to have your hand open to be able to catch it. And every role I play is a letter I send. Now, I’m lucky, I can’t stop touring. On the other hand, I would like to direct documentaries and medium-length films.

You are 77 years old, 72 of which are on screen**. Aren’t there times when you longed for anonymity?

There is such a variety in my activities that it didn’t weigh on me. And then I was able to take care of my family. The sublime thing about the intermittent job is that it gives you time to live. When I was little, it could have been heavy, but mom protected me from the effects of notoriety by telling me that: “It’s not you we’re applauding but René Clément, who made a good film.” It helps to put things into perspective!

*The Fountain in fables and notes at the Poche-Montparnasse Theater

** At 5 years old, Brigitte Fossey debuted in the filmForbidden Games by René Clément.

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