Brigitte Giraud, Prix Goncourt 2022, with “Vivre Vite”

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In the tradition of Joan Didion, the writer is rewarded for a moving book on mourning, twenty years after the accidental death of her husband.

By Claude Arnaud

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Lyon, 1999. With the money from her grandfather, who threw himself into the Rhône, Brigitte Giraud decided to buy a house with her husband. She becomes infatuated with a ruin that is not for sale, insists, persists, ends up buying an apartment, which she immediately sells on learning that the house is finally available. Impatient to settle there, she asks the notary for the keys in advance and announces the good news to her parents, who tell her brother, who is just looking for a garage where to store his beloved Honda 900 Fireblade for the holidays. – a 183-kilo monster banned for sale in Japan, but not in France.

Her husband also happens to be a (weighted) motorcycle enthusiast. And that instead of taking his to go to work, on June 22, 1999, he borrows this…

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