Brigitte Macron and the death of her pregnant sister: “I’ve had this in mind since I was 8 years old”

In the Salon Pompadour at the Elysée, Brigitte Macron pose with one of her signature styles: total look chic and rock at the same time, betting on black with a leather jacket, a zipped skirt and ankle boots. The first lady of France is on the cover of the January 28 edition of Madame Figaro, delivering his confidences with modesty and passion. His role as President of the Paris Hospitals Foundation, which she has provided since 2019, taking over from Bernadette Chirac, it is the current fight of the wife of Emmanuel Macron who wants to be the voice of hospitalized children. In her interview, she also addresses another cause that is close to her heart, the fight against harassment, especially on social networks. Expressing oneself to talk about what seems essential to him, confiding in French men and women while protecting his privacy at a time when the president is approaching the 2022 presidential elections, this is the exercise ensured by Brigitte Macron. In the pages of the magazine, she thus discusses her past and the tragedy she experienced, the death of her sister when she was 8 years old, to explain how much she wants to live in the moment.

“We were six children born over a period of twenty-two years, and I am the last of the siblings“, explains Brigitte Macron. A happy family from chocolate makers in Amiens, and her parents instilled in her the value of respect for others, while leaving her a great freedom. This allowed her to be fulfilled and to preserve his good nature. However, there is a trait that he also thinks is important to highlight: she lives in the moment : “I am deeply convinced that death awaits us at every moment, so nothing else exists except there, here, now. I’ve had this on my mind since I was 8 years old.

It was at such a young age that Brigitte Macron lost her sister in a road accident. For magazine She in 2017, she said: “My older sister was killed in a car accident, along with her husband and the child she was carrying. I was 8 years old. She is with me every day of my life.” Later, it was his niece who disappeared. An order of things difficult to explain and to accept but which undeniably gave him strength, that of knowing how to take advantage of every moment, “Carpe Diem” as Professor Keating would say, brilliantly embodied by Robin Williams in The Circle of the Missing. She cites it with honor, being herself a teacher, specializing in modern letters. “What you don’t do now, maybe you never will“, adds the mother of three children, Laurence, Sébastien and Tiphaine, born from her first marriage with André-Louis Auzière.

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