bring the magic of Christmas to your children

A year full of surprises (and what surprises…) means a surprising Christmas! In the United States, every December 1, an elf arrives at the house and merges into the family. Even though his job is to report on the kids every night, he enjoys playing pranks and surprising people with all kinds of tricks. And he has more than one in his bag! Let’s help our children have a magical Christmas. To your elves!

Hello everyone !

First of all, I think I have to introduce myself. I am a tiny being dressed in red, with striped tights and a Christmas hat. Yes ! That’s it ! I am an elf. An elf of Santa Claus.

Every year, on December 1, I am sent by this old gentleman to the homes, in order to watch over the children. And yes, Papa Noel can’t move around too much (he’s a little old the guy after all, but don’t go tell him that I said that), because he has a lot of work to do. So it’s my job to make sure the kids deserve their gifts. Every night, I continue my report that I start when I arrive.

Warning ! I will stay with you until December 24! At least… wait until I calculate… 1… 2… 3… 24 pages of reports! It will therefore be necessary to keep tight during all this time. At the end of my stay, I will meet up with the Grand Chief and give him my notes.

For 24 days, I will become a bit of your house elf! (Not like the one in Harry Potter, I see you coming). I’m not asking for much, except a very soft sock to sleep on.

It seems to me that my visit is not very well known in France. To be honest, I am from the United States. There, they call my arrival the tradition of “Elf on the Shelf” (the Elf on the fireplace, for the non-bilingual among you). But now, I like France, the food is much better. There, they don’t have such good ones of what you call “croissants” (it really looks like a moon, I say that I say nothing).
Now that we know each other a little better, I have to tell you a secret. Even though my role is to watch the children, I love to mess things up. During the day, you will not see me move, I will be sleeping. But at night! I am the king of the farce.

So if you don’t mind, every night, you can help me develop jokes worthy of the name, to trap your little ones every morning! I promise you a lot of laughs! After all, this is what I’m secretly here for, too.

If you are ready to make this Christmas a little less gloomy (sacred year 2020, I’m telling you!), You can find me right here: The Elf on the Chimney.

Where to get a little “elf on the chimney”?

Elf on the fireplace by Elves Behavin ‘Badly
€ 11.59

Want to try the elf adventure on the fireplace? This is how to do it

– Get an elf (see above)
– Explain its story to your children
– Every evening, once the children are in bed, stage a little silly thing prepared by the elf
– Wait in the morning for the children to look for and discover the leprechauns pranks

They will finally be eager to get up in the morning!

Some pranks to perform to amaze or make your children laugh

In case you’re not very inspired, here are some prank ideas to do together.

A lipstick message on the bathroom mirror … a nice surprise for the morning.

Today, we all look like Santa’s reindeer (that will make him happy, and Rodolf too).

Stick a small red sticker or a small piece of red paper on the nose … and voila!


Do not hesitate to stage the games and toys present in the living room or the children’s room by putting it in a situation.

You know, there aren’t really any amusement parks in Santa Claus Village …

A staircase, a slipper, a string and the stuffing is in place.

There is no hot air balloon either… although that doesn’t seem like a very common form of transportation here. Weird… it looks funnier than the metro!

Turn a light into a hot air balloon with a small basket and 2 ribbons, would you have thought about it!

50 prank ideas to never run out of ideas

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Sacred little elf! We love. Funny activities that combine humor and ingenuity, that’s all we love. For once, this is the opportunity to test something new and share this moment with the little ones! The magic of Christmas must not go away.

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