Brinkhaus on "ntv Frühstart": "We still have too much mobility in the country"


Brinkhaus in the "ntv early start"
"We still have too much mobility in the country"


Union parliamentary group leader Ralph Brinkhaus sees no alternative to the currently applicable, strict corona measures. The infection numbers are still too high for that. He also appeals to the state ministers of education to think about shortening the summer vacation.

The chairman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group Ralph Brinkhaus considers a debate about easing the strict Corona measures to be premature and dangerous. "For months now we have always talked more about relaxation than about compliance with the rules that we have given ourselves," said Brinkhaus in the "early start" of ntv. "That's why I'm very careful about talking about easing."

Despite the increasing number of infections, there is currently no alternative to lockdown, said the Union politician. "Plan B is also plan A: that we continue to have contact restrictions, that we restrict mobility. We still have far too much mobility in the country."

If you stick to the regulations consistently, there will be "very good prospects" in a few months in connection with the vaccinations and the warmer season, according to Brinkhaus. However, the old people's and nursing homes are still "the hotspots". "It must really affect us that so many people are dying there," explained Brinkhaus.

Brinkhaus also thinks it makes sense for schoolchildren to catch up on the learning material in the summer that has been missed in the past few months due to distance learning. The school ministers should "think very calmly about whether you can also shorten the holidays, especially in summer," said Brinkhaus. "The decisive factor in life is not whether I have an extra three weeks vacation or not."

According to Brinkhaus, it should still be possible to go on vacation, according to Brinkhaus, but it can also be done during shortened holidays. "To be honest: who goes on vacation for six weeks? Most of them cannot afford it."

Uniform vaccination certificate for travel?

So that vaccinated people can travel within Europe without any problems, Greece recently requested a standardized vaccination pass from the EU, which is accepted in all member states. Brinkhaus thinks it is at least "fair" to carry out a risk assessment for vaccinated travelers in the European Union.

If someone comes from a heavily contaminated Corona area like France, "then of course I would like to know what risk they bring to Germany," said Brinkhaus. Those who are vaccinated bring a "lower risk" to Germany. "It makes sense to treat someone differently than someone who is not vaccinated," he said.