Brita Steinwendtner – Timeless in the search for the love of life

Brita Steinwendtner, grande dame of Upper Austrian literature, has succeeded with “Face in the Blind Mirror”, a remarkable historical novel that leads back to the lost battle in Königgrätz – a sore point in the history of Austria. She will read from it on Thursday, October 21 in Linz.

Brita Steinwendtner (79) grew up on a mountain farm in Hinterstoder and spent her high school in Steyr. The historian with a doctorate, who lives in Salzburg, worked for the ORF for a long time and was director of the renowned Rauris Literature Days for many years. And of course she writes essays, poems and novels herself.

Fates in the mirror of time
In her most recent book “The Face in the Blind Mirror”, which was published by Otto Müller Verlag, Steinwendtner drafts a captivating life and family story that is set between the years 1866 and 1916. The focus is on the trumpeter Johannes, who is injured in face and soul and returns home from the devastating “fratricidal war” between Austria and Prussia near Königgrätz. His search for happiness and love reflects the fate of the people during this time.

Threshold between old and new
Bohemia, an Austrian mountain valley and Venice are the scenes of the colorful plea against war, which as a great historical novel also offers timelessness. Because fears and hopes that sprouted back then on the threshold between an old and a new era are gaining importance again today. Again old and new living environments rub against each other

Reading in Linz
Steinwendtner flips through her book, which is worth reading, on Thursday in the Central in Linz, starting at 7.30 p.m. The organizer is Initiative.Literaturschiff, an association for literary encounters in Upper Austria.

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