Britt and Alex Jolig: "How We Coupled Claudia Norberg"

Claudia Norberg, 49, is freshly in love again. Pop singer Michael Wendler's ex, 47, has long had a desire for a new relationship. After the scandalous separation, Claudia did not want to distance herself from the men. She is generally not the type to be alone. And so it was only a matter of time before the right one would bite. Did she find him now?

Alex and Britt Jolig paired Claudia Norberg

At least Claudia has a lot of butterflies in her stomach. The man who lets these butterflies fly is aptly pilot and head of a private jet airline. Claudia got to know him through her prominent friends Alex Jolig, 57, and wife Britt Jolig, 53, – and they apparently sensed even before the first meeting that the sparks could spark between the two, as they tell GALA.

"He raved about her for months"

"We knew that he and Claudia were looking for something, but somehow always had the bad luck of not finding the right partner. Secretly, we had long thought that the two would go well together," says Alex and Britt:

"He is a friend of ours and had raved about Claudia for months. He only knew her from the media. At first we always laughed about it, but then we went to dine with him again and then the topic came up again We then spontaneously made a short video with him and sent it to her, and then she called and I just passed her on to him, so they talked on the phone and even met in Düsseldorf that same evening. Claudia was by chance in the area. Afterwards she wrote to me: 'I didn't even know anymore that there were such great and nice men.' "

"A down-to-earth man with no bravery"

But who is the man who turned Claudia 's head? The identity should remain secret for the time being. Alex and Britt only reveal so much: "He is very down-to-earth and has no pretensions. He was always very loyal to us, you can rely on him. A shoulder to lean on. He is a normal man, but still interesting. That is not so common these days. "

Well, that sounds like Claudia finally has luck in love after the misery with the Wendler.

Sources used: RTL, own interview

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