Brooding horoscope: These 3 zodiac signs think too much (and live too little)

Nothing against thoughtfulness! You can find out here which zodiac signs according to the horoscope often forget to do things because of all the thinking.

That we as humans are able to think, make judgements, organize the world in our heads and plan our future is a great ability! Ultimately, it is thanks to her that we live in heated apartments, can buy chocolate in the supermarket and take cough syrup when we have a cold. The only problem: Sometimes we tend to think too much, not listen to our gut feeling and as a result not do enough. But even Albert Einstein knew: “Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.” The following zodiac signs in particular should perhaps take this wisdom to heart more often…

Horoscope: These 3 zodiac signs think too much


On the one hand, Capricorns are great strategists! They are good at organising, plan everything with a safety net and a double bottom and are very often very successful with it. Sometimes, however, the earth sign turns too many loops in its head and loses itself in its strategy – which is actually not necessary, because Capricorn is usually strong enough to endure mistakes and learn from them.


Above all, Pisces thinks too much about others and regularly forgets about themselves. The water sign is so busy caring for its fellow human beings and committed to their well-being that it hardly finds time and emotional space, its own feeling to follow.


Always and everywhere, Virgos see opportunities to make things even better, and also consider the myriad of contingencies and consequences that an action could entail. Of course, this often leads to Virgos being very good and reliable at what they do. However, another result of this care and accuracy is that they don’t try and experience too much.

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