Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix: how does the funniest detective series end?

In eight years, the detective comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine has marked the audiovisual landscape. As its final season arrives today on Netflix, find our recap of the conclusion of the adventures of Jake Peralta and his friends.

Ten little episodes and then it’s gone. After eight seasons of good and loyal service, the Brooklyn 99 brigade said goodbye to the American small screen on September 16, 2021. Already available on Canal +, the final season of the series arrives this August 13 on Netflix. With a happy and rather successful ending, Michael Schur and his teams wanted to pay tribute to these characters who made us laugh for years.

In the finale broadcast in two parts, Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) decides to take advantage of their famous annual heist to announce to the whole team that he is leaving 99. The policeman proves his maturity here by choosing to raise his son , to allow Amy (Melissa Fumero) to focus on her career. The latter was chosen to carry out a reform within the police and also abandoned the police station. So has Holt (Andre Braugher), who has been promoted to general manager.

A farewell break

Jack’s plan is simple: during the heist, he will offer each of his friends a box containing not the grand champion’s trophy, but a souvenir of their past moments. But then, he hadn’t expected that Holt and Amy were also planning to take advantage of this idiotic contest to organize their own unforgettable farewell party.

Even in its last moments, Brooklyn Nine-Nine does not forget to make us laugh, with reversals of situation, gags and nice nods to highlights of the series (we still remember the song Backstreet Boys!).

This final episode will in any case have allowed the return of one of the great forgotten of season 8: Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti), more embittered and funny than ever with her replicas that hit the mark. We will also find a grizzled Pimento, the unbearable Teddy (still in love with Amy), or even Bill, Charles’ look-alike. No Doug Judy who got his own farewell episode a few weeks earlier.

John P. Fleenor/NBC

Holt and Peralta, the best duo of B99?

End clap

Brooklyn Nine-Nine ends as it began, providing us with pure and hard entertainment that is not tearful. On the contrary, she pays homage to these characters that she has developed: Jack is more mature, Holt is more human (we will miss his laugh so much!), Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) assumes her bisexuality, Charles (Jo Lo Truglio) no longer lives in the shadow of his best friend…

And if the police station has lost its best elements, it is now run by someone who finally deserves his quarter of an hour of glory: the one and only Terry (Terry Crews)! Let it be said: there will never be enough episodes or seasons with these heroes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but they will leave with their heads held high, having done their duty: to make us laugh for several years.

The trailer for the eighth and final season:

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