Bruce Springsteen: "The Boss" will attend the inauguration of Joe Biden

Bruce Springsteen
"The Boss" will attend the inauguration of Joe Biden

Bruce Springsteen will be performing on Celebrating America

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The next superstar for Joe Biden's inauguration: Bruce Springsteen will also perform in honor of the new US President.

When the United States of America gets a new boss in the person of Joe Biden (78) on January 20th, "The Boss" will also be there. After various announced superstars who will attend the swearing-in of the new US president as a TV guest, Bruce Springsteen (71) has now also accepted, according to "People". This is not surprising: the music legend is known for her political commitment and her aversion to the incumbent US President Donald Trump (74).

John Legend (42), the Foo Fighters, Eva Longoria (45) and Kerry Washington (43) are also joining the already illustrious field of celebrities, which is taking on ever more impressive forms. Because of Corona, the inauguration of Biden and his Vice President Kamala Harris (56) will be accompanied in a special way this time – with a TV special called "Celebrating America", moderated by Tom Hanks (64). In addition to "The Boss", Legend and the Foo Fighters, Jon Bon Jovi (58), Demi Lovato (28) and Justin Timberlake (39) will also appear.

Showtime for Lady Gaga

The special will be broadcast from 02:30 a.m. German time on all major US channels, including ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and MSNBC. The program is also broadcast on platforms such as Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and Amazon Prime Video.

It has also already been announced that Lady Gaga (34) will sing the national anthem in honor of the new duo Biden / Harris at the so-called inauguration on January 20th. Gaga's no less well-known colleague Jennifer Lopez (51) should also perform.