Bruck/Glocknerstrasse – Swiss woman injured in rear-end collision in Pinzgau

A 70-year-old from Lungau in a vintage fire service car was no longer able to brake in time on Saturday: he drove into the car of a Swiss woman (72).

The Swiss woman stopped in front of a protective path in the Gries area on Saturday morning to allow a pedestrian to cross the road. A 70-year-old from Lungau who was following behind was no longer able to brake in time and drove into the back of the 72-year-old’s vehicle. Interesting detail: The man from Lungau was behind the wheel of a historic fire engine. The woman from Switzerland suffered injuries of an unspecified degree as a result of the impact. An alcohol test for both drivers was negative (0.00 per mille). There were minor traffic disruptions during the clean-up work by the Bruck/Glocknerstrasse volunteer fire department and the St. Georgen fire engine.
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