Bruno from “12 coups de midi” reveals that an investigation has been opened into his mother, accused of trafficking! : Current Woman Le MAG

He became the emblematic face of 12 shots of noon, And much more. With its 251 participations, Bruno Hourcade is still today the greatest champion in the history of the TF1 game, and even the world record holder for individual victories in a televised game! Furthermore, who can boast of having earned 1,026,107 euros thanks to their knowledge of general culture alone? Three years after this adventure which changed his life, he decided to write a book: in Me, a millionaire? How I became the biggest winner of TV games – published on April 18, 2024 by Hors Collection editions – the former Maître de midi recounts his incredible destiny in Jean-Luc Reichmann’s show. The day after this release, Bruno was invited on the airwaves of Fun Radio as part of his promotional tour. The opportunity to tell an improbable anecdote about his colossal winnings, which caused some problems for his mother.

The production of “12 coups de midi” forced to intervene with the police

Like all the best Midday Masters – like Eric, Paul or Emilien, the current champion – Bruno has won numerous Mysterious Stars during his career. And obviously, there is no need to keep nine cars or nine food processors! He therefore instructed his mother to resell certain productstelevisions, tablets or thermomix” for example, on the Internet. But neither of them expected what came next. “She was contacted by the police, because they found her Le Bon Coin account suspicious”, he revealed on the microphone of our colleagues. Moreover, the matter did not end there, sincean investigation was even opened !

His mother was then suspected of receiving stolen goods, not being able to prove the origin of these famous objects: “After a moment, they called her and asked for the invoices and vouchers, which she did not have…Finally, the team had to 12 noon shots intervenes to explain the situation to the authorities. “The production had to send proof to the police to say that this woman was not trafficking”, remembers Bruno, who today prefers to have fun with this story. But there is no doubt that his mother was left with quite a scare! Future Midday Masters are warned: be careful what you sell on the Internet.

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