Bruno Hourcade millionaire thanks to 12 coups de midi: “It has become my job”

The great record holder 12 shots of noon Bruno Hourcade was the guest of Seven to Eight this Sunday, April 14. With more than two hundred participations, the man who was nicknamed Fifou Dingo by Jean-Luc Reichmann spoke for the TF1 show about his experience in the game, and in particular about what the jackpot of 1,026,107 euros that he won represented. has amassed through his victories. Having become a millionaire in the program, the young 33-year-old champion then centered his life on the game, which had inadvertently become his job.

Indeed, if he experienced a period of questioning the amount he amassed “while speaking by Elizabeth Taylorwhat he judges “indecent”, the ups and downs of life forced him to take his participation in the program presented by Jean-Luc Reichmann seriously. In fact, the company he worked for at the time of his first victories was bought by an American company, which led to his dismissal. No choice, “The 12 strokes of noon have become my job”, he confided. But “win a million euros” In that way, there are worse jobs, right?

This big project that awaits him

After having left The 12 strokes of noon, Bruno Hourcade is preparing to take a new turn in his life. On April 18, he will release his first book Me, a millionaire?, in which he retraces his “wonderful journey”, he confided when returning to the set of the game on March 25. “I am asked : ‘Why so long later?’ Finally, my journey dates from 2021. I feel like it was yesterday but since then there has been Stéphane, Céline… It’s true that I needed a break afterwards to refocus a little.. This show is so impactful and people talked to me about it all the time in the street, asked me questions : ‘How did we prepare?’, ‘How did I experience the adventure? As I really like reading, I said to myself : ‘Am I also capable of writing?'” Will the work be a bestseller? We can only wish it!

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Photo credits: TF1 / Screenshot

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