Bryan Cranston on his marital bliss: “There are five things to pay attention to”

Bryan Cranston on his marital bliss
“There are five things to pay attention to”

Bryan Cranston met his wife Robin Dearden on the set of the television series “Airwolf” in the 1980s.

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Why “Breaking Bad” actor Bryan Cranston doesn’t like shopping with his wife and what that has to do with his marital happiness.

Actor Bryan Cranston (67) has revealed the secret of his almost 35-year marriage to Robin Dearden (70). The “Breaking Bad” actor told People: “Marry the right person.” What sounds banal at first is, for Cranston, exactly what’s important: “I think there are five things you should look for in a partner. Whatever those five things are for you, you need these five things,” said the 67th -year olds.

According to Bryan Cranston, once your priorities have been set, searchers should focus on exactly these things. “After that you should leave it alone,” he emphasizes. He and his wife would also “never completely agree on everything.” Nevertheless, for him she is “a wonderful woman”.

That’s why Bryan Cranston doesn’t go shopping with his wife

As much as the award-winning actor enjoys spending time with his wife, he doesn’t share all of his interests with her. When someone once asked him why he didn’t go shopping with his wife, Cranston replied, “No! Why would I? I just don’t like it.” In the same way, Robin Dearden wouldn’t like things that he likes to do, according to his reasoning. This freedom that the couple regularly gives each other seems to be good for their marriage.

He plans to take a break from the set

Nevertheless, the California native plans to spend more time with his wife in the future. In 2026 he wants to take a one-year break from acting to, among other things, travel and have more life experiences outside of the film business. “I’ve been working non-stop for the last 25 years – that’s not a real life,” said Cranston. He wants to find a healthy work-life balance in the future “and experience something new.”

Bryan Cranston and Robin Dearden married on July 8, 1989. They have a daughter named Taylor (30), who is also an actress.


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