Budget 2023: what are the government’s priorities?

In an interview published in the newspaper The echoes this Monday, the Minister Delegate in charge of Public Accounts, Gabriel Attal, draws up the main budget lines for the year 2023. “The document (…) provides that the credits of the State budget will amount to 339 billion euros euros in 2023, i.e. virtual stability in value compared to the level after the amending finance law, and a 2.5% reduction in volume. This will make it possible to meet the objective of a deficit of 5% of GDP next year while financing our priorities”, he highlights.

Mr. Attal, on the other hand, does not provide any details on the savings projects that will have to be made to balance this budget. “Broad public spending will fall by 0.3% in volume terms next year,” he said.

National Education “will benefit from a historic increase”

The government wants to increase by 12.5 billion euros, an “unprecedented increase of 11.4%”, the credits allocated in the 2023 budget to Education, Labor and Solidarity. “The Employment budget will increase in particular by 6.7 billion, in particular in order to finance the rise in power of apprenticeship, with a target of 1 million apprentices by the end of the five-year period”, details- he.

National Education “will benefit from a historic increase (+3.6 billion) in its credits. The commitment of the President of the Republic to the continuation of the salary increase will be kept and no teacher will enter the career at less than 2,000 euros net”, continues Mr. Attal.

The teachers’ unions, however, remain suspicious, as explained by Sophie Vénétitay, of the SNES-FSU. “We are very far from the mark because we have the idea of ​​​​having beginner teachers at 2,000 euros, it’s a start but we can’t be satisfied with it,” she says. “Today, a teacher who has 13 or 14 years of seniority earns 2,000 euros. We really need a clear message, strong actions, a salary increase to ensure that we can recruit enough teachers in the coming years. so that National Education can fulfill its missions.

Other ministries will have an increasing budget such as Defense

The “sovereign bloc” including the Ministries of Defence, Interior, Justice and Foreign Affairs are not left out, further reassures the minister, with an increased budget of “6.1 billion euros” . “A very significant increase that we assume in order to meet in particular the commitment of an increase of 3 billion in the credits of the Armies in 2023, but also the objectives of the Beauvau of security, which provides for the doubling of the presence of the forces of the armed forces. order on the ground by 2030,” he said.

“The Justice budget will benefit from a further increase of 8%, after already two years of increases of the same amounts, in order to continue the recruitment of new magistrates and to respect the plans for the construction of new prison places”, assures he still.

3.3 billion additional euros for the environment

As for the Ministries of Environmental Transition, Territorial Cohesion and Agriculture, they “will have an additional 3.3 billion euros”.

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