Bue Moon: How the Halloween full moon affects the zodiac video

For the first time since 1944, this year there is a full moon on Halloween. In addition, the second full moon this October is also a so-called "blue moon". This cosmic special event naturally also has consequences for the zodiac signs.

Like something out of a horror movie: Halloween is full moon for the first time in 76 years. And even if big Halloween parties won't take place this year, Halloween itself won't be canceled.

Halloween and full moon – a powerful cosmic combination

And the festival with Christian as well as pagan roots has another special feature this year: After October 1st, October 31st is the second full moon of the month – so it is a so-called "Blue Moon". And this cosmic special event affects each zodiac sign very differently, but all of them benefit a lot if they now listen to the cosmic signal that the "Blue Moon" is sending them.