Build Mage one-shot Elden Ring: Weapons, attributes, spells… what choices to make?

News tip Build Mage one-shot Elden Ring: Weapons, attributes, spells… what choices to make?

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On Elden Ring, the choice of mage is sometimes criticized, but it is the only class that allows you to one-shot your opponents, especially bosses! In this article, we explain how to achieve this in your games using this build.

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  • Which weapon to choose for this one-shot Mage build on Elden Ring?
  • Spells to choose
  • How to manage your attribute points?
  • Equipment pieces to choose
  • The Elden Ring one-shot Mage build, how does it play?

Which weapon to choose for this one-shot Mage build on Elden Ring?

Let’s start together by seeing which weapon to choose for your one-shot build on Elden Ring. If you’ve already played a mage class on Elden Ring, you already know where we’re going. Indeed, there is a sort of consensus among players as to the best stick in this type of build.

This is the Lusat radiance stick which is very often chosen by the latter. Indeed, the latter will scale in Intelligence with a rank of S, it will allow you to accelerate the casting time and on top of that, it has excellent scaling in terms of magic damage.

Be aware, however, that there is players who will prefer the Azur Staff of Radiance. The latter offers a slightly less interesting magic scaling, but it remains a very good option if you ever want to get started with this one-shot Mage build.

Spells to choose

Having a good staff is good, but having good spells is better! The first one that will interest us here is “Magical Domain”. By throwing it you will place a seal on the ground. All the spells you cast while on the latter will then be strengthened.

Next comes the main spell of this build, that is to say the “Azure Comet”, a huge magic ray that does colossal damage as long as it hits the enemy. Another offensive spell, the “Stars of Perdition” obtained during the Sellen quest which will track down your enemies.

Finally, you will also look to include a defensive spell in your one-shot Mage build. The latter is the “Phalanx of Caria” which you will be able to purchase from Seluvis and which makes magic swords appear above your head which attack nearby enemies.

Managing your attribute points on this one-shot Mage build from Elden Ring is not the most complicated thing, far from it. Make sure to level up Stamina and Stamina from time to time so that they reach around 40 points each. allowing you not to run out of stamina and PV too much.

Also remember to put a few points in mind, around 45 so as not to run out of mana, especially with the Lusat staff which consumes quite a bit. Afterwards, put all the rest of your points into intelligence to reach between 70 and 75 points excluding equipment.

Equipment pieces to choose

The equipment, let’s talk about it with a helmet that you will have to recover to enormously boost your intelligence and therefore inevitably your damage. This helmet, This is Hierodas’ Shardstone Mask which will greatly boost your intelligence when you wear it.

For what will be talismans, take the “Icon of Godfrey” which will boost your spells and charged skills, the “Talisman of the Magic Scorpion” which increases magical attacks, the “Talisman of the Carved Cluster” which increases the power of spells by 8% and the “Icon of Radagon” which reduces casting time.

Finally, for what will be the tear vial, the first one you will want is the “cracked tear veiled in magic” which will temporarily increase the power of magical attacks. Then mix it with the “Cerulean Secret Tear” that negates all mana costs for 10 seconds.

As is often the case, you will start by using your tear vial. From there you will have 10 seconds without any mana consumption. Cast the “Magical Domain” at your feet to boost your spells, then the “Phalanx of Caria” on defense.

Then use the domain-boosted “Azure Comet” to deal huge damage to your opponents. Be careful if they are too active, the comet may not be enough. Likewise, you are not going to try to do it on all the enemies in the game.

From then on, the “Stars of Perdition” will come into play which are a very good offensive spell, faster to cast and above all which does not need to be static, unlike the comet. Use them to deal damage, especially by targeting enemy weak points.

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