Bulle Kristensen – mentality monster is hot for “great game”

Rasmus Kristensen is one of the absolute key players at Salzburg. The Dane is of course looking forward to the duel with fellow countrymen von Brondby. Why it is a matter of prestige for him and which opponent he knows particularly well.

No one in the bull squad embodies the pure will to win as much as Rasmus Kristensen. The 24-year-old not only pushes himself on the pitch, but also animates the fans again and again. The right-back has long since become the fans’ favorite. He works very differently in his private life.

“I’m a different person on the pitch than I’m off the pitch,” he said in the “Krone” interview. “When I play, I really want to win and develop this special mentality.” It also came to light in the first five competitive games of this season, all of which Austria’s series champions won.

Kristensen has long since set his sights on victory number six. Especially since the mentality monster is facing a prestige duel, it is against his Danish compatriots from Brondby IF.

“I come from near Midtjylland and have played there. So there’s a rivalry with Brondby. For me there are two top games that I want to win, ”he clarified before the play-off first leg in the battle for a place in the Champions League group stage. Kristensen is hot for “a great game” on Tuesday and knows opponent trainer Niels Frederiksen (50) from times together in the Danish U21 team. “He’s a great trainer, a great guy, a great person.”

Corona is not an issue
However, there is no contact in advance. “I want to hit him first, then say hello,” grins Kristensen.

Who doesn’t worry about the many corona cases with the Danish champions. “That’s not an issue for us at all. Our focus is only on ourselves. “

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