Bulls under the microscope – The notes: Strong septet – only one duo fell away

The “Krone” editors Christoph Nister and Valentin Snobe analyzed the performance of Salzburg at the Champions League game in Seville.

Köhn 3

Seldom checked by Seville, no chance at Rakitic’s penalty.

Kristensen 4

Defused Papu Gomez, who had to get out early, and also regularly intervened in the front.

Solet 4

Cleared in the duels, had an outstanding pass rate (only two of 62 passes did not arrive), held the defense together as strong as a bear.

Wöber 1

A real element of uncertainty. Only 60 percent of his passes came to the teammate, indebted the penalty to compensate.

Ulm 2nd

Was outplayed too often, if Seville came over his side, it was dangerous.

Camara 4

Enormously ball-proof, he repeatedly intercepted attacks. Also immensely important as a loudspeaker in the field.

Seiwald 4

One of the five starting XI debutants. There was no sign of that, because he played calmly and confidently.

Aaronson 3

Tried, but could hardly set accents. With a good shot just before the end.

Sucic 4

Took responsibility and got to the point after the Adeyemi miss. The first attempt was freezing cold, the second he was unlucky for aluminum. Always had good ideas. Strong game!

Adeyemi 4

The Spaniards couldn’t tame it, got three 911s out in the first half – absolute madness! Missed the first one, however.

Sesko 3

Giant seater at the beginning of the second half – Bono defused his shot!

Piatkowski 4

Came for Wöber and was there right from the start. Harmonized well with neighbor Solet.

Adamu 3

Came for Sesko and fitted into the game straight away. There was no great chance.

Capaldo, Okafor 0

CLEF: 6 team ready, 5 very strong, 4 strong, 3 average, 2 weak, 1 not his day, 0 too short.