Bushido and Anna-Maria Ferchichi: A one-night stand in the hotel room became more

Bushido and Anna-Maria Ferchichi
A one-night stand in the hotel room turned into more

Bushido and Anna-Maria Ferchichi speak openly about love, sex and their children.

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Rapper Bushido and Anna-Maria Ferchichi unpack in the RTL interview. They tell of the first meeting, their sex life and the children.

Rapper Bushido (42) and his wife Anna-Maria Ferchichi (39) put the cards on the table in a big love interview with RTL. Sex played an important role in the relationship from the start. “On the night of February 1st [2011] we met, “he says about the celebrity party at which the rapper Sarah Connors (41) met younger sister for the first time. A one-night stand in the hotel room became more.

A year later the two married; she brought a son into the marriage. The Ferchichis had twin girls and two sons together; the mother of five is currently pregnant again with identical triplets. Whether the joy or the shock outweighed it in the first moment? “I was afraid of twins,” says Anna-Maria im Interview with Frauke Ludowig (57) for RTL to. “For me it was Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, birthday – all at once,” says Anis Ferchichi, as Bushido was originally called, happily.

Bushido and Anna-Maria have sex so often

Bushido also talks about a conversation with his urologist in the interview. When he asked about the rapper’s libido, Bushido opened the door to the astonished doctor “five or six times – at least” a week. “We have already loved, hated, separated …” he continues and looks at his wife. She completes the sentence: “… but we’ve always done that. It’s very strange.” In phases of dispute, they would have “put the guns on the table, had fun and then we continued arguing,” explains Bushido.

Small house tour

Bushido also guided Frauke Ludowig through the family’s bright Berlin home. One floor is reserved for the children, it is divided into girls ‘and boys’ rooms. The triplets get their own. At the time of the interview, some furniture had just arrived that the musician wanted to assemble personally …