Business news Xbox Series: sales unveiled in the United Kingdom, a real success?

business news Xbox Series: sales unveiled in the United Kingdom, a real success?

It’s been more than a year since the Xbox Series launched on all continents and now it’s time to take stock. In the United Kingdom, the machine achieves very good scores and does not have to be ashamed of anything.

The million for the Xbox Series in the UK

If the previous generation had a lackluster success, Microsoft intends to raise the bar for this one: the Xbox Series is a machine that sells like hotcakes and without giving precise figures, we know that it achieves impressive scores, the best in the history of the brand. This is then true that a shortage somewhat limits the figures of the Series X while the Series S is distributed much more than we think: in short, there is something to be satisfied, a priori.

The United Kingdom, one of the most gambling countries in Europe and one of the references of the Old Continent, is a very convincing example: the well-known and recognized GamesIndustry site, specialized in the economy (among others) of video games, claims that the Xbox Series has just exceeded one million copies sold there. A symbolic milestone in a European country that says a lot about the popularity of a machine.

A record month of December for the Xbox Series

GamesIndustry gives some interesting details: this level would have been reached thanks to a splendid month of December, achieving an increase of 108% compared to November 2021. The recorded sales would have even exceeded those of the launch week, in 2020.

From there to say that it was necessary to wait for Microsoft to draw the heavy artillery – Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite in mind – there is only one step, rather rational. Note also that the availability of the Xbox S and its attractive price (despite lower technical performance) are also there for many.

Very encouraging results for Microsoft, therefore, but still behind those of its competitor Sony: by way of comparison, the PS5 reached one million English buyers last September. As for the global figures, the Japanese manufacturer has officially declared that its white monolith has exceeded thirteen million in sales in October 2021. The Xbox Series would be at eight million according to some estimates.

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