“But what are the police doing”: End of Plus belle la vie, images of the big party organized on the set revealed

In different stories (available in the slideshow), Internet users were able to discover that the whole team organized a small end-of-filming party in the evening. After the tears, the atmosphere then!

Although she witnessed all this from afar, Delphine Ernotte wanted to write a few words on her Twitter account. “The end of this shoot marks a strong and moving moment in the history of public television. For 18 years, the first soap opera in France has accompanied the daily lives of millions of French people. He raised generations and brought families together. He dared to approach our lives without taboos and made the evolutions of our society resonate. He made people dream and entertained. In a word, Plus belle la vie will have marked the history of French television“, can we read at first.

The leader of France Télévisions then thanked the loyal viewers who have followed the adventures of the characters all these years and let it be known that she was aware that it is heartbreaking for the public. “I assure you that France Télévisions will continue to fulfill its creative mission.“, she promised. Then, she thanked the actors as well as the whole team of More beautiful life who, for eighteen years, “were the pillars of one of the greatest and most beautiful adventures of French television“. Without forgetting the production which carried the program and the teams of France Télévisions which did everything possible to make the series such a success. Finally, she thanked the city of Marseille which was “a wonderful setting to make France dream and make it think that life is always more beautiful“. A place that France Télévisions will not abandon since the group has committed to exceed 500 days of filming from 2023 “to compensate for the impact of stopping the soap opera“.

In the life of television, it is never easy to say goodbye to such an important appointment. This is why, in the coming weeks, on our screens and everywhere we will thank our viewers and offer More beautiful life the most beautiful goodbye“, she concluded.

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