But what is golden penis syndrome?

It’s proven, something fishy is going on in the minds of men who live surrounded by women. Her name ? Golden penis syndrome.

No, this is not a new trend of having your sex cast in solid gold. The term golden penis syndrome was actually coined by students at Sarah Lawrence College, an arts education institution in New York City. The university welcomes 75% of girls against only 25% of boys. It was there that the students realized that the same phenomenon affected many young straight cis men, few among a population largely made up of straight cis women as well.

On campus, men have little, if any, competition when it comes to dating. According to the students, they receive disproportionate attention that goes to their head. Their self-esteem is then so inflated that it seems normal to them to do the minimum and even less than that when it comes to sexual performance and the life of a couple.

According to Jon Birger, an author specializing in the analysis of seduction processes interviewed by Cosmopolitan, this phenomenon is proven on several university campuses but also in cities where the ratio of women to men is the highest, such as Jackson or Springfield, in the United States. While going into the field for his first book, the author discovered that on these largely female campuses, “These men are nothing special, but believe they have a golden penis.”

An unlimited harem

This syndrome is particularly difficult for women who wish to have a serious and exclusive relationship. According to Jon Birger, love life, in these spaces where men are lacking, tends to be much less monogamous. Men, who know their options are virtually limitless, can keep swiping right on Tinder to meet new people, endlessly. As a result, they are less inclined to settle into a long-term relationship.

Those who suffer from this syndrome also have less scruples to invest fully upstream, during the contact phase. Even the laziest know they will always have a choice if their target does not meet their mundane “What are you doing ?”. Easy for them to send the same message to other women if they are refused. They also have no qualms about ghosting those they no longer want.

Nothing pushes these men to work on them or improve their performance in bed, since the demand remains constant whether they are poor lovers or not.

5 signs your spouse is suffering from golden penis syndrome

To recognize them, reporter Taylor Andrews made a list of 5 signs that a man has golden penis syndrome:

1 – The word “appointment” does not exist in his vocabulary. He will prefer “Meet me?” or “Come to my house”
2 – He always hesitates when you offer to schedule things for the weekend
3 – The only “deep” questions he asks you are about sex
4 – He only communicates with you via social networks and only during the week following the meeting
5 – Her worst nightmare is kissing you in public at night in front of other girls.

Be careful, we’re not saying here that all women who live near men with golden penis syndrome are desperate or ready to be walked on just for a date. It is even rather the opposite! Learn how to avoid them by looking for these signs.

To choose between celibacy and being in a relationship with a man who does not even do the minimum because he thinks he has a golden penis, the choice is easy: always remember your worth.

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