but what is happening with the helmet of the future?

Several Apple Vision Pro owners have had the unpleasant surprise of discovering a vertical crack on their device. The testimonies are accumulating, without this suggesting a generalized problem.

Apple Vision Pro // Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid

Is the Apple Vision Pro suffering from a widespread design issue, or is it a failed batch of units that is starting to leak? The question is asked in light of some testimonials from unlucky users. On Reddit, several of them have indeed caused a vertical crack on the external screen.

A clean, burr-free crack

As noted MacRumors, the first report on the subject now dates from 18 days ago. Other complaints have poured in in the meantime, with supporting images. The photos posted online show a very clear vertical crack, the origin of which is at the bridge of the nose. Where the curvature of the glass is probably most pronounced.

Apple Vision Pro
Source: Inphenite on Reddit

Each user also claims not to have dropped their Apple Vision Pro. In reality, there is currently no rational explanation for the origin of this crack, even if several theories have emerged on the internet. The most plausible of these suggests a design flaw related to a limited batch of units.

This anomaly would crack the glass when tightening the helmet with the straps, which would generate too much pressure. For the moment, Apple has not officially communicated about this problem.

No manufacturing defects yet recognized

The problem, and according to 9to5Google, is that repair costs – up to $800 without Apple Care – would have been requested from some customers, since the crack is not officially recognized as a manufacturing defect by Apple. For a headset worth $3,500, the price is starting to be very high.

We will obviously keep you informed of the outcome of this affair, on which all light should be shed.

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