But why is Twitter still pushing back paid verifications?

Samir Rahmoun

November 30, 2022 at 4:45 p.m.


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Twitter is once again delaying the return of Twitter Blue. In question, this time: the bickering between Elon Musk and Apple, and the 30% commission taken by the Apple brand on purchases made through the App Store.

The Twitter Blue system designed by Elon Musk, intended to allow the certified identification of user accounts against a subscription of 8 dollars, was to arrive on the Web this week. Unfortunately, with the recent clash between the billionaire and the Cupertino company, the launch will be delayed.

Elon Musk wants to bypass the Apple system

We were telling you about it yesterday: Elon Musk attacked Apple in a flurry of tweets. The billionaire accused, among other things, the iPhone maker of ” hate free speech “, reason why the firm would have ceased its advertising investments in Twitter. He also added that Apple would have threatened to withdraw the social network from its application store without giving the reason.

And it is precisely the App Store which would be the cause of the delay of Twitter Blue today, according to The Verge. Indeed, after having criticized the 30% commission taken by the Cupertino company on purchases made in its Store, Elon Musk would like not to have to pay this tax, which is often criticized.

A new deadline has thus been decided in order to allow the creation of a Twitter Blue whose subscription fees will not be paid via the Twitter application on iOS.

Different colored badges, a changed price… Twitter Blue will get a makeover

A few changes are also on the agenda. The first concerns the price, even if this should not really be felt by subscribers, since, still according to The Vergeit would go from 7.99 to… 8 dollars.

But more seriously, Elon Musk wants to establish pellets of different colors depending on the quality of the people, as he indicated in a tweet dated November 22. Companies would thus be entitled to a golden badge, public institutions, a gray badge, and individuals will be reserved the current blue badge.

Finally, to be able to obtain their badge, the subscriber must enter their telephone number, which will be used to verify their identity.

Source : The Verge

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