Butter and coconut oil – give your skin rich care

Skin care is essential. It is very important to take care of your body and to take care of your own hygiene. In this way you can prevent diseases and infections, feel good and have a positive and healthy charisma to other people.

There are several things involved in personal hygiene. The skin in particular is exposed to many things every day that can irritate and stress it. These include the cold, too much UV radiation and dry air. It is therefore of great importance to regularly care for the skin with well-tolerated products. When it comes to skin care, there are two ingredients that a lot of people don’t want to do without: cocoa butter and coconut oil.

What products are there?
Coconut butter and coconut oil are used in a wide variety of products. Body creams that are used after a shower, for example, are very popular. The creams are also available in smaller editions that are especially suitable for the face or hands. A brand that offers numerous high-quality products with cocoa butter and coconut oil is Palmer’s. Palmer’s can be bought online in MAKEUP’s large store. The offer ranges from nourishing lip balm with coconut oil to body lotion. Customers are offered a fair price and fast shipping for the high-quality products.

How do cocoa butter and coconut oil work?
Coconut oil is also used in a variety of ways in the beauty sector. It is an almost indispensable product for the skin because, like cocoa butter, it provides moisture. In addition, the aromatic oil is said to inhibit inflammation and promote wound healing. This is why many people who suffer from acne or similar complaints rely on treatment with coconut oil.

How should one use the products?
There are different ways to use the coconut oil and cocoa butter. When buying ready-made creams or a balm, instructions for use are often given. You should adhere to these in order not to falsify the effectiveness of the product.

In general, the application depends on the individual characteristics of the body. If you have very dry skin, you should use the nourishing creams more often. This also applies in winter when the skin is irritated by the dry air.

Use the pure product
Cocoa butter and coconut oil can also be used unprocessed. This means that you put the pure oil and pure butter on the skin. This option is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers who react to special ingredients in processed products.

The cocoa butter can be used to rub certain parts of the body that are particularly dry. It’s easy to do with your hands. You should liquefy the butter with your own body heat beforehand so that it can be rubbed better. The same applies to the coconut oil. It can also be put on a cotton pad and massaged into the skin in circular movements.