Buttermilk Diet: Can I Lose Weight With It?

Buttermilk diet
Can I lose weight with it?

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The buttermilk diet is designed to help us lose weight in a healthy way. We explain here how the method works and whether it brings anything.

What is the Buttermilk Diet?

There are different variants of the buttermilk diet, But they all have one thing in common: By consuming more buttermilk, you should be able to lose weight. Depending on which method of the diet you are following, you either add buttermilk to every meal, replace a meal completely with the drink, or even only consume buttermilk.

Why should buttermilk help you lose weight?

The background to the diet is that buttermilk is very healthy: it contains a lot of protein, calcium and minerals, but does not contain a lot of fat and calories. 100 milliliters of buttermilk contains only about 35 kilocalories. The contained proteins keep you full for a long time, calcium also activates various hormones and enzymes that are involved in the regulation of weight. And: Buttermilk contains a lot of zinc, which can improve the release of insulin and thus keep the blood sugar level constant. This will avoid cravings. By the way: Contrary to what you might think, there is no butter in buttermilk – it is just a by-product of butter production.

How does the buttermilk diet work?

Depending on which variant of the buttermilk diet you follow, you have to pay attention to different things:

  • Buttermilk as a supplement: With this concept, the buttermilk is only used as a supplement to an otherwise already healthy diet. The buttermilk can either be drunk separately with every meal or incorporated into it – for example, by enriching your muesli with buttermilk or making a dressing for the salad from it. For a healthy diet with which you can also lose weight, products with fiber (e.g. in whole wheat pasta or bread) should be on the menu, as well as eggs, fish, lean meat, lots of fruit and vegetables and healthy fats (e.g. . in olive oil or nuts). Sugar, finished products and alcohol should be avoided as far as possible. With this form of the buttermilk diet, you can slowly but sustainably lose weight.
  • Buttermilk as a meal replacement: Another method is to replace one out of three meals a day with 500 milliliters of buttermilk. On the one hand, this increases the absorption of proteins, which accelerate muscle growth and keep you full for a long time; on the other hand, the intake of carbohydrates is automatically limited. Otherwise, you should pay attention to healthy food as with the first concept. This method makes the kilos drop a little faster than the first, but also requires a little more discipline.

Lose weight quickly with the right diet

In general, both concepts with buttermilk are moderate, deficiency symptoms are rather unlikely if you make sure that the body is supplied with all the important nutrients during meals. The buttermilk diet in these forms can help to make sustainable changes to the diet. It looks different with the last method:

  • Drink only buttermilk: The strictest form of the buttermilk diet stipulates that you actually only eat buttermilk. This variant is rather not recommended: You consume too few carbohydrates, calories, fat and minerals and the body can slip into an undersupply. You will lose weight so quickly, but the risk of the yo-yo effect is high, because the diet itself is not changed sustainably. In addition, like any crash diet, the concept is difficult to maintain anyway.

Conclusion of the buttermilk diet

The milk is undoubtedly healthy and goes well with a healthy diet. The two moderate variants also support weight loss – slowly but sustainably. Anyone who likes to drink buttermilk anyway could give the buttermilk diet a chance. Only the strict variant is urgently not recommended – the risks of deficiency symptoms and the yo-yo effect are simply too great if you only drink buttermilk.

And what else is there besides buttermilk?

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