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Everything in butter? These are the top 5 substitute ingredients for buttermilk

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Are you looking for a delicious buttermilk substitute? We’ll show you which alternatives come closest to the original.

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buttermilk is part of a lot of recipes and often provides that certain something in many baked creations. Cake, waffle or other sweet baking recipes in particular benefit from the properties of the viscous ingredient, which makes many baked goods extra fluffy. But what to do when there is no buttermilk in the house?

Don’t panic – we’ll show you five substitute ingredients, that come particularly close to the original buttermilk. And the best: You definitely have most of the ingredients for the buttermilk substitute at home and they can be incorporated into almost any recipe!

Buttermilk Substitutes: These are the best alternatives

Buttermilk is characterized above all by its slightly sour note and is best replaced by other milk products. But also vegan products are ideal as a buttermilk substitute. We have summarized the best alternatives for you here.

1. Kefir

The probably most similar alternative to buttermilk is kefir. The two milk products are not only similar in their consistency, with its slightly sour aroma, the substitute for buttermilk also scores in terms of taste. By the way: Due to its yeast content, kefir contains small amounts of carbonic acid and alcohol, in contrast to buttermilk.

2. Milk

Does your fridge only offer conventional whole milk instead of buttermilk? No problem! Normal buttermilk is suitable as a substitute cow milk very wonderful. Important here: In order to imitate the taste of conventional buttermilk, it is advisable to sour the normal milk beforehand. This works like this:

Add one tablespoon to 250ml whole milk lemon juice or Vinegar and let the milk thicken for about 15 minutes. If the milk has curdled too much, you can simply clarify it with the help of a sieve – volià, the buttermilk substitute is ready.

Of course you can also use it directly as a buttermilk substitute sour cream or sour milk resort to mimic the sour taste. Since the consistency of sour milk is slightly thicker, it is particularly suitable for baking.

3. sour cream

With around 20% fat, sour cream is a higher-calorie alternative to conventional buttermilk, which, with just one percent fat, is one of the slimming products par excellence, but this ingredient is also an ideal combination of milk and acid as a substitute for buttermilk. The milk product can be used particularly well for no-bake cake recipes.

4. Quark

The buttermilk substitute par excellence: quark. Also these protein bomb makes a perfect diluted substitute for buttermilk with the acidity of a tablespoon of vinegar or citric acid. You can dilute the quark until it has a consistency similar to buttermilk.

5. (Soy) yogurt

Especially thin yoghurt with bifidobacteria is ideal as a buttermilk substitute, as it has a slightly sour taste. As a vegan variant, you can also use soy yoghurt. You simply mix the yoghurt with a little water or plant milk, such as almond milk and lemon juice. Let the mixture stand for a moment and the vegan buttermilk is ready. The same principle works with soy milk instead of yoghurt. Simply stir two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into 500 ml of soy milk and let the mixture rest for a quarter of an hour.

milk from butter? This is how buttermilk is made

As the name suggests, buttermilk is a by-product of making butter. Its slightly viscous consistency and flavor come from the addition of lactic acid bacteria. Buttermilk is not only good for baking, with a low fat content of no more than one percent and about 37 calories per 100 grams, it is also used as a healthy diet companion and for losing weight.

reading tip: Who says baking with buttermilk always has to be sweet? How about super healthy spelled buttermilk rolls?



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