Buy a PS5: Why an overpriced console could be worthwhile for you


The PS5 in front of you, but again only an error message in the shopping cart. Is it worth buying an overpriced console after all? We’ll give you an assessment.

The PS5 is still in great demand. (Source: Netzwelt)

Sony’s new console usually costs 500 euros, the digital edition a little less: 400 euros are charged for this model. That is not little money, but because the PS5 has almost always been out of stock for over a year, some dealers and private sellers (“scalpers”) are also calling out higher prices.

Online marketplaces such as eBay often have prices of around 800 euros, sometimes even 1,000 euros. Some retailers such as MyToys recently also sell bundles with games at overpriced prices. Customers pay almost 100 euros more than for individual purchases at normal prices.

Where you can buy a PS5
Current situation at a glance

Do you want to buy or pre-order the PS5? This dealer is surprising today with a new PlayStation 5 replenishment.

But what is normal about this wacky location for the PS5? Even if you know that an online sale is about to start, the shop collapses and orders are not possible. On the net, numerous console fans express their frustration that there are hardly any consoles and if they do, then they are sold out in a few seconds.

Maybe buy expensive after all?

Now we are nearing the end of the year and Christmas is threatening to be PS5-free again. Especially if you have been involved in the nerve-wracking search for the console for a long time, you should seriously ask yourself the question: Don’t I just buy a console at a premium on eBay and then finally have some peace and quiet?

Pride will probably gnaw at you, should you toy with the thought, but we also think that the consideration should be absolutely permissible.

Making someone happy

All the time invested in the search, the patience and the frustration of the hunt. All of this can end and you might get your PS5 before Christmas – for yourself, a friend, or someone in your family.

In the last few weeks we have always had new ones on eBay PS5 consoles for 700 euros seen, the digital edition for 600 to 700. We would tend to recommend buying the standard model, because the price premium for the digital edition seems too often around 300 euros. 200 euros more for the disk version: That might be an extra charge that you might be willing to pay. With luck can you find a model for 650 euros.

at eBay Buy PS5*


It can be worth it, because apart from avoiding further stress and having fun with the console, you can sell the PS5 again at a high price in a few months. The loss in value should not be great, because there will be delivery bottlenecks until 2022.

Look for trustworthy sellers

But if you take advantage of such an offer, then make sure that the respective seller is trustworthy. Take a look at the reviews, including those of the last few weeks, as well as the item location. Of course, you have to read the item description very carefully and make sure that it is really the console and new product.

Is a contract offer an option for you?

Should the prices nevertheless put you off – this is of course understandable – you might be able to make friends with a contract offer. At O2 there is still a PS5 bundle, but it will only be delivered from January 2022. Alternatively, there is the PS5 with an electricity contract.

If you’re lucky, you won’t pay anything and simply win a PS5 in our advent calendar.

If you still have the strength to continue your search, be sure to ask some local shops about stocks or a pre-order option. Some fans are said to have been lucky at Media Markt, Conrad or GameStop.

Netzwelt thinks

Fans already buy slightly overpriced bundles from various retailers immediately, so you should definitely consider buying a single console for 600 to 700 euros. The loss in value is low and you finally have peace, fun and maybe even more beautiful Christmas.

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