Buy PS5 from Otto: Why you should keep an eye on this dealer now


If you want to buy a PS5, you should keep an eye on Otto – this also applies this week. Why the retailer is such a key port of call for console hunters.

The PlayStation 5 is regularly offered at Otto.

When it comes to buying a PS5, Otto has proven to be a reliable go-to place for regular drops. The console is offered again and again in the online shop.

The situation on August 8th

08:15 am: Otto is also a hot candidate for a PS5 drop this week. Last Thursday, the retailer was able to sell six bundles over a period of almost two hours. Anyone who has a little experience with the usual drop duration knows that it must have been either a large contingent or low demand.

However, the latter can be ruled out. This means that Otto apparently received a larger delivery. And not for the first time. The dealer can always serve with larger contingents. So keep an eye on the online shop if you want to buy a console.

at Otto buy the PS5*


But not only Otto, but also a look at the subsidiaries of the Hamburg mail order company could be worthwhile for you.

Subsidiary of Otto

Baur and myToys are Otto’s subsidiaries. Especially in the online shop for toys you could buy the PS5 more and more in the past few weeks.

at MyToys buy the PS5.*


at builder Buy PS5*


Also download the MyToys app for your Android or iPhone so you don’t miss any offers. This dealer in particular often sells the console exclusively in this way.

Accessories at Otto

To bridge the waiting time, you can stock up on the right accessories and games for the PS5 at Otto before you buy the console.

at Otto Buy PS5 accessories and games*


To increase your chances of getting the PS5, you shouldn’t ignore other retailers either. In our PS5 insider, we keep an eye on all the candidates and tell you where you have the best chance of getting the console.

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