Buy PS5: Media Markt and Saturn take a risky step


Third-party providers are already selling the PS5 at some retailers via the Marketplace. Media Markt and Saturn also want to adapt to this concept. A risky step.

Third-party providers could soon offer the PS5 overpriced via Media Markt and Saturn.

  • The Marketplace gives third parties the opportunity to leverage reach and sell products like the PS5.
  • However, the consoles on offer are often overpriced.
  • Media Markt and Saturn also want to make this concept their own.

The PS5 is usually overpriced on the marketplace of large retailers. Prominent examples are currently Amazon or Kaufland. Nevertheless, Media Markt and Saturn also want to add a marketplace to their shop.

A marketplace is an area in an existing shop (e.g. Amazon) in which third parties can sell new or used products. You can determine the prices for your products yourself. The owner of the shop gives the external dealers the opportunity to use his range and charges a basic fee for this.

Danger! O2 offers one of the few permanently available solutions to get a PS5. There you get the PS5 in a bundle with a mobile phone tariff.

Here you can find all PS5 tariff bundles at O2 (display).

Media Markt and Saturn are currently working on expanding their online shops with such a marketplace. Third-party providers have had the opportunity for some time to join the beta version of the marketplace for a basic fee of 39 euros per month. This is reported by the online magazine GamesWirtschaft. Providers and functions are still manageable so far, but are to be expanded in the future. But a marketplace also harbors dangers.

More reach for scalpers

Basically, there is nothing wrong with the concept of a marketplace. But with regard to the PS5, it is increasingly being exploited by dubious third parties. They charge significantly higher prices than set by Sony. The console can cost you 1,000 euros, or even more.

Another problem recently arose at Kaufland. There the PS5 was briefly offered by the dealer himself for an acceptable price. Only a little later, the third-party providers struck and sold their overpriced consoles under the same URL and article number. It cannot be ruled out that the scalpers will also misuse the new Media Markt and Saturn marketplace for their purposes.

A new marketplace with such a wide reach can bring even more overpriced PS5 consoles onto the market and offer scalpers even more reach. However, an overpriced console has not yet been sighted in the Saturn or Media Markt beta marketplace.

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