Buy PS5: This dealer is long overdue for supplies


The search for the PS5 is annoying and you probably want to buy it right away. This dealer could possibly have supplies again soon.

You can also buy the PS5 at Cyberport

  • Cyberport also has the PS5 in its range.
  • However, the consoles have been out of stock for some time.

If you want to buy the PS5, you should also keep an eye on online retailer Cyberport. The coveted console is also listed there. However, no supplies have arrived since August 2021.

When the console will be available again at Cyberport is currently unknown, but after such a dry spell, it could soon be that time again at this dealer. Keep an eye on the shop page under the following link. Maybe you’re lucky and can order a console.

at Cyberport buy the PlayStation 5*


You have an additional opportunity offline, because Cyberport also has branches. According to Twitter, the last few stocks that were sold were in October. A friendly request at your nearest Cyberport branch could be worthwhile for you.

Alternative providers

You may be able to pre-order a console on request from individual branches of the electronics retailers Media Markt and Saturn as well as from Gamestop and Expert. According to reports from various platforms on the Internet, some fans have been successful with it, maybe you are too.

Get a new PlayStation for free

You should take the chance until April 30, 2022 to take part in the Nestlé competition. There you can receive codes when purchasing selected promotional products. With a little luck you can win one of a total of 999 consoles.

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If you want to buy the PlayStation 5 before everyone else, we have collected a few tricks here that you can use to get to the console in front of other customers.

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