Bye-bye Bad Hair Day! 5 tips for beautiful hair


Slack, dry, stubborn: There are days when the hair does not want to sit as it should. With our tips, you get your Bad Hair Day under control!

Who does not know the problem: There is pampered, smoothed and toupiert, what the stuff holds and still does not want to sit the hair as it should. Of course, you can just wash your mane again – or pay attention to our Bad Hair Day tips, with which you every hair disaster without elaborate hairstyles Ratzfatz gets under control, promised!

Bad Hair Day Tip 1: Glow Booster

The Anti-Bad-Hair-Day program starts with intensive moisturizing shampoos . Ideal is a shampoo without sulfates , silicones and parabens. A subsequent conditioner is mandatory and smoothes the structure! For the immediate effect: Spray shine spray on a thick powder brush and stroke it along the (dry) hair lengths.

Bad Hair Day Tip 2: Blow dry properly

Too hot blow drying with soaking wet lengths is the super Gau and Bad Hair Day thus already programmed. The water in the fibers evaporates, and the resulting pressure literally breaks up the softened surface. Trick: apply a  heat protection spray, gently squeeze the hair and always blow dry from the approach towards the tips and then cold , because the air flow closes the cuticle and the hair shines.

Bad Hair Day Tip 3: Bye Frizz

If the mane is too dry and the dandruff layer roughened, moisture can penetrate unhindered into the fibers – the hair curls. A hair oil can help to smooth the structure. Apply the oil before washing, but also after washing in towel-dried hair or in dry hair. Important: less is more! Otherwise the hairstyle is ruined! The result: greasy hair. SOS beauty tip:rub a dollop of hand cream in the palms of your hands and stroke them over the lengths. Quickly control protruding hairs. How do you get your hair sleek without straighteners , we explain here.

Bad Hair Day Tip 4: More volume

The most beautiful hairdo is flattened after minutes? Quick volume on a Bad Hair Day promise special sprays that are sprayed on the lugs and provide more fullness. Alternative: volume foam knead into dry hair and blow dry upside down. Instead of wild Toupieren and a lot of hair spray, could also help this trick: in the evening, the hair stuck to a high Dutt (while making sure that the tips do not kink). So the mane looks pretty fluffy the next morning. Also good: change your crown often! If it is always the same, the approach is used to it at some point. More tips for more volume can be found here.

Bad Hair Day Tip 5: Greasy Approach

Thick hair and no time to wash your hair? Then the following Bad-Hair-Day-Tip helps: Spray dry shampoo on the roots, massage in with the fingertips and brush well. Who has no dry shampoo on hand, takes baby powder .