Bye bye fine hair! The Pinch Hair Hack conjures up volume in seconds

Pinch hair hack
Fine hair goodbye! This trick conjures up volume in seconds

More volume – it’s that easy

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Emma Chen is an absolute hair guru. The stylist is best known for her light looks that look like summer, sun and beach. Light waves, airy textures – Emma is celebrated for this on social networks. Now she has revealed an absolute game changer when it comes to easy hair styling.

Looking perfectly styled without having to stand in front of the mirror for several hours – Emma Chen’s trick could make this dream come true for many women. Because the hair stylist reveals how to conjure up her coveted beach waves with volume in no time at all. And you can even get by almost without many styling products. She herself uses it again and again, meanwhile the tousled looks are her trademark.

More depth thanks to different shapes

The most important rule for tousled beach looks à la Emma Chen: don’t use too much product! “Using too much product can sometimes be just as bad as not using any product at all. Hair becomes weighed down, limp and overwhelmed,” the hairstylist told Different dimensions in the hair are much more important. Different shapes would create more depth, which makes the hair look fuller. Different textures can be achieved with styling devices. Waves should go in different directions, curls should be twisted in different ways and smooth strands can be worked in every now and then.

Volume thanks to Pinch Hair Hack

To give the hair even more volume, especially in the front part that frames the face, Emma Chen uses her “Pinch Hair Hack”. It’s incredibly easy. The two strands that frame the face are firmly pressed together at the base and fixed with a little hairspray. The rest of the strands are tousled up a bit. This creates a nice frame. The hair is given additional power at the root and is aligned upwards. The rest of the strands are now tactically curled. And in such a way that they form around the cheekbones.

The best part: The “Pinch Hair Hack” is an all-rounder. It can be done anywhere. Whether in front of the mirror in the bathroom at home or in between in the restaurant or in the changing room. Simply pinch the front strands together at the roots, twirl the rest of the hair up a bit – volume on the go, so to speak!


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