"C à vous": Michel Cymes makes his "mea-culpa" on the coronavirus: Current Woman The MAG

The most famous doctor in France, Michel Cymes, did his "mea-culpa" on the set of C to you, Monday March 16, 2020. Invited to react to the images of the French who continued to meet throughout the weekend despite the confinement requested and wanted by Emmanuel Macron, he admitted he wanted to be too reassuring about the coronavirus currently hitting the country. "Probably the message did not go well", he declared assuring that the situation was impossible to evolve as it evolves from hour to hour."On the one hand, we must fight psychosis, saying – and it's true – that 80% of cases are mild, that 98% of those affected will heal (…) And then on the other side , the fact to say 'don't panic' makes people think that if they have it it's not that bad", he said.

⋙ VIDEO – Coronavirus: Michel Cymes annoyed by the “irresponsible attitudes” of the French

As a reminder, in Daily, Tuesday March 10, 2020, he had thus assured that the Covid-19 was "a form of flu, a little more knocked than the flu, but it's still a viral disease like we have every year"A few hours earlier, it was on Europe 1 that he had not hesitated to criticize the media management of this crisis based on the balance of seasonal flu which kills around 8,000 each year. "Do you think that every time someone gets infected or dies from the flu, an AFP dispatch is made? Imagine how many dispatches we would make"He also said. While he threw a thunderbolt to try to minimize the situation, Michel Cymes expressed his regrets hoping that the French quickly become aware of the situation and listen to the instructions sent by the government.

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