C-Smash VRS: a sequel to the futuristic racket game from the Dreamcast Cosmic Smash announced exclusively for PSVR 2

A few weeks ago, SEGA had opened a teaser site for a project dubbed C-SMASH VRSa site whose aesthetic was reminiscent of the Dreamcast game Cosmic Smash. This appreciated title, but which has not survived the ages, mixed squash and breakout in an immaculate white universe, simply sweetened by a few color elements.

A countdown has been running since, and it has just ended with a revelation: that of C-Smash VRS (you didn’t have to look any further), a spiritual suite exclusive to the PSVR 2. It will once again bea futuristic racket game, but in virtual reality, playable solo, cooperation or versus to the rhythm of energetic compositions. DJ Ken Ishii (Ground Infinite) And analog (The Comet is Coming, Soccer 96) have even created a few tracks for the occasion, which will make the sets vibrate for a synaesthetic experience that will be reminiscent of the latest Ground And Tetris.

Rediscover an arcade and SEGA console classic, reimagined for VR and online gaming.

VR at its best
Imagine immersing yourself in the ultimate sport feeling both relaxed and energized, your body and mind becoming one with the best music and stunning graphics. A truly transcendent experience!

Single-player, versus, and co-op play
Embark on an initiatory journey to the frontiers of time and space, alone or with a friend, or compete against players from all over the world in various competitive modes. Treat yourself to the ultimate sports session with the Infinite mode!

Incredible music to live
Original tracks from DJ Ken Ishii (Rez Infinite) and Danalogue (The Comet is Coming, Soccer 96). Dynamic environments and your avatar vibrate in rhythm, an experience of pure synesthesia.

The future of sports games
C-Smash VRS incorporates all the best of racquet sports, for all lovers of squash, tennis, paddle and more, as well as various sports disciplines for an exceptional physical experience.

From theory to physics
Designed from the ground up by the pioneers at Wolf & Wood and an international team of artists, designers, musicians and VR pioneers, all determined to change the way a game can make you move and feel your surroundings.

Intuitive controls
Learn the basics in minutes, before moving on to special moves and masterful technical moves.

A total immersion
Immerse yourself in another universe, for a total bodily and spiritual experience.

Stress-free fitness
Get in shape in rhythm and sweat while having fun!

THE gameplay hasn’t been unveiled yet, but we’ll soon be able to get an idea: a demo will be available on the Playstation Store March 23. The release will be later in 2023 as a (temporary?) exclusive for the PS5 headset, thanks to the work of the developers of Wolf & Wood Interactive (The Last Worker).

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