CAC 40: movement remains bullish (AT)


The MACD is positive and above its signal line. This configuration confirms the good orientation of the index. We can see that the upside potential of the RSI is not exhausted. Stochastics, for their part, are in the overbought zone, a correction is likely in the near term. The volumes traded are lower than the average volumes over the last 10 days.

Movements and levels

The index is trending upward. It is above its 50-day moving average. The 20-day moving average is higher than the 50-day moving average. Support is at 6874.41 PTS, then 6760.48 PTS and resistance is at 7444.09 PTS, then at 7558.02 PTS

Technical analysis
Tendency Calculated data
Technical advice Positive Price as of 12/30 7,161.52
Underlying trend Positive MM20 6,988.35
Support 1 6 874.41 MM50 6,964.40
Support 2 6,760.48 RSI 60.96
Resistance 1 7,444.09 MACD 55.80
Resistance 2 7,558.02 Stochastic 95.82

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