CAC40: close to peaks, zero activity, S & P500 4.800Pts

The Paris stock exchange is trying to end the 4th quarter on a high note for this last full session of the year 2021 (Friday, the market will close 2:05 pm).

The ACC has very erased its losses of the day before (-0.27%) and tries to hang on 7,200 (it gained 0.4%, 7190 pts, in completely anecdotal trading volumes: less than 750 million E changs in 6 and a half hours.

Since January 1, the index has shown an impressive increase of 29%, one of the best performances in the world, the CAC40 ‘GR’ is above + 32%, which beats all the US indices that come to reopen slightly with a Dow Jones + 0.4% to 36,620 (he is close to his record).
The S & P500 gained 0.2% and crossed 4,800: it would have to go beyond 4,808 to register its 71st record of the year.
A figure fell 2:30 pm: like every Thursday, we learned of the weekly registrations for unemployment benefits.
They fell in the week of December 20 in the United States, reaching 198,000, against 206,000 (revised figure) a week earlier.

The four-week moving average is also down to 199,250, down 7,250 from the revised figure for the previous week.

Finally, during the week of December 13, the number of people receiving regular benefits stood at 1,716,000, a decrease of 140,000 compared to the revised figure for the previous week. This is the lowest level recorded since March 2020, the report said.

The end of the year remains of course marked by concerns about the health issue and information about the rapid spread of the Omicron variant which has infected more than 200,000 French people in the last 24 hours.

‘Although daily cases of coronavirus in the United States have reached a record level, the latest strain seems more benign than its predecessors, with a reduced risk of hospitalization,’ however nuances the American bank Wells Fargo.

In the securities update, Icade announces that it has finalized the sale of an office building Boulogne-Billancourt for 45 million euros excluding rights and has signed a synallagmatic promise to sell the Le Millnaire 4 building, Paris, for a value of of 186 million.

Euronext says it recorded record primary market activity in 2021, with 212 new listings of shares, representing a cumulative market capitalization of $ 123 billion and fundraising of $ 26 billion.

Blueline announces the finalization, on December 31 at midnight, of the acquisition of Securitas Tlassistance, an operation announced on November 25, and which allows it to rise to the Top 5 in a French telesistance market estimated at nearly 90 million. euros per year.

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