CAC40: in the green after the publication of US inflation

( – The Paris Bourse ends the day’s session with a gain of 0.75%, at 7,237 points, a short distance from 7,250 pts, its highest of the day. For its part, the Euro Stoxx50 rose by nearly 0.8%.

The day was marked by the long-awaited publication of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in the United States: it decelerates a little, to + 0.5% in December, after + 0.8% in November, ie a score of + 7% / year, the fastest rate since June 1982, after a gain of 6.8% in November.

The ‘core’ CPI index (excluding energy and food products), on the other hand, increased by 0.6% over one month after an increase of 0.5% in November, i.e. + 5.5% / year against + 4.9 % in November, the highest score since February 1991 (the consensus was + 5.4% year-on-year).

After opening higher, with an S & P500 at + 0.6%, a Dow Jones at + 0.4% and the Nasdaq + 1%, the three New York indices have fallen into line and are now each showing increases of less than 0.2%.

The fixed income markets, for their part, have warmly welcomed the ‘CPI’ since the yield on T-Bonds eased from -3.5Pts to 1.7350%, OATs and Bunds showing -3Pts to 0.2620% and – 0.0610%.

This morning, operators were able to take note of the seasonally adjusted industrial production: it increased by 2.3% in November 2021 in the euro zone and by 2.5% in the EU, compared to October 2021, according to estimates by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union.

In October 2021, industrial production fell by 1.3% in the euro area and by 0.8% in the EU.

In November 2021, compared with November 2020, industrial production fell by 1.5% in the euro area and remained unchanged in the EU.

On the securities side, Rexel (+ 10% to 20.8E) recorded a sharp increase on Wednesday on the Paris Stock Exchange following an upward revision of its outlook for the 2021 financial year.

Combined with a focus on gross margin and its discipline in terms of costs, this momentum enabled it to achieve constant-day sales growth of 15.3% last year. By way of comparison, its growth forecast has so far been between 12% and 15%.

EDF announced that it had to change the schedule for the Flamanville 3 EPR project, citing a ‘more difficult’ industrial context due to the pandemic. The French electrician indicates that the fuel loading date is now postponed from the end of 2022 to the second quarter of 2023, resulting in an upward revision of the estimate of the cost at completion, which goes from 12.4 to 12.7 Billions of Euro’s.

Eurazeo announced last night a minority investment of $ 75 million in Jaanuu, a premium performance-oriented medical clothing and accessories brand. Jaanuu is touted as one of the fastest growing brands in the multi-billion dollar medical clothing market.

Lastly, Safran Engineering Services announces this evening that it is continuing its cooperation with Sonovision: the two companies form a consortium and have established ‘a strategic and privileged partnership’ with Airbus, covering various engineering activities.

The aircraft manufacturer has just renewed its framework contract with the consortium, reaffirming its confidence in the performance and innovation capacities of the two companies.

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