Calculate name number: It’s that easy

In numerology, it is believed that names were not given at random. Letters are associated with digits that make up a name number. We tell how to calculate your name number.

Numerology gives the numbers a spiritual meaning that is supposed to say something about every human being. What is particularly important in my life? How can I develop? Number symbolism aims to answer these questions.

Just like the life number, also called destiny number or birth number, says the name number something about our personality.
We’ll show you how to make yours Calculate name number can.

Calculate name number – this is how it works

While in the case of the life number, or destiny number, the digits of the date of birth are decisive, the name number is made up of the letters of the name.

If you want to calculate them, proceed as follows:

  1. Write your full name on a piece of paper, including your middle name if you have one.
  2. Now match the letters with numbers that you see in the table below.
  3. Add up all the numbers, taking the cross sum from the result until you reach a one-digit number.

For example, if you have changed your name after getting married, you should choose the name that you feel is more important for your life.

An example: Sarah Marie Meyer


First we add all the numbers:

1+1+9+1+8+4+1+9+9+5+4+5+7+5+9 = 78

Now we calculate the checksum:

7+8 = 15

And again, so that we get a single digit.

1+5 = 6
Sarah Marie Meyer’s name number is 6.

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The evaluation of the names

And what number did you get? Here we tell you what the different numbers stand for. Do you recognize yourself in the description?

name number 1

They are strong personalities who have the name number one. Strong-willed, charismatic, ambitious and focused. The born leaders. When they’re passionate about something, they can give it their all. But the same goes in the other direction. If you try to force something on them that doesn’t excite them, they can totally refuse. In love, they like it when the relationship is varied.

name number 2

2 people love harmony and in relationships make sure that the partner feels comfortable. Security is very important to you. Due to their calm nature, they are good mediators, although they like to avoid disputes themselves. You are sensitive and romantic. Since they are very vulnerable, criticism from others can hit them hard. Setting themselves apart a little more would certainly do these people good.

name number 3

Communication is clearly the strength of people with the name number three. They are diplomats through and through and ensure that everything around them stays in balance. They love to be among people and also place a certain value on good appearance and a trendy appearance. 3s take everything with ease, so they don’t like it when you try to narrow them down too much.

name number 4

People with the name number four clearly rely on the mind. They are conscientious, hardworking, reliable – just the doers. With their attention to detail, they are valued above all at work. Praising yourself above the clover – but that’s not her thing. They also tend to be in control when it comes to love, although they don’t want to be restricted themselves.

name number 5

What does the five not like? dependency! That is why freedom and independence are the greatest good for these people. Everything that is new and unknown therefore has a magical attraction. It goes without saying that such people like to travel. 5ers don’t like routine work at all, instead they can inspire others with ideas that they find exciting themselves. But they can also react moodily just as quickly if something doesn’t suit them.

name number 6

The family is the center of life for 6 people. Caring for them is important to these people. They are reliable, responsible, social, traditional and harmonious. They can also be enthusiastic about everything beautiful. For example, they love to decorate. But then again, they are not quite so selfless, because they can also teach others and expect thanks for their kind.

name number 7

Mysticism, spirituality, intuition – this is the world of the 7 people. Soul life is rich and deep, but often closed to others. You sometimes need the seclusion to deal with the many impressions of life. But that doesn’t make them difficult people, they are multi-talented and have a good feeling for others. In love, these people are very passionate.

name number 8

Success and perseverance – many people with the name number 8 have that. When they set themselves goals, they stomp and pursue them with determination. They want to achieve something in life, especially materially. They wouldn’t even consider giving up. Letting go of something and enjoying life more would certainly do these people good. But whoever is with an eight can always count on her. They are responsible and exude security.

name number 9

9s like to be helpful, at work and in relationships. You are likeable and open to all thought patterns. Above all, they can observe their surroundings well and know when it is time to offer help. They also like to solve other people’s problems. Bringing justice to the world is very important to them.


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